3d signs


This is a double sided 3d relief sign. The lettering on the bottom panel is changeable. This sign was made for Pirate's Cove water park in Englewood, Colorado.

This 3ft tall coffee mug is made of EPS foam with fiberglass hardcoat. It's for a Dazbog Coffee shop and is a giant 3-dimensional replica of there logo.

This giant faucet sticks out of an exterior wall 30 ft. above the ground. It was made for Eyecandy Graphics And can be seen on their site.

This is a 48 inch fiberglass dome w/ a floating aluminum band
w/ floating aluminum letters. It's for Park City Ski Resort.

This 6 ft tall neon beer mug was sculpted for a pub in Denver Colorado.
The transformer for the neon is neatly concealed inside.

This flexible urethane foam costume was made for Integer Group.
It was used in a web commercial for Keystone Light.