3-Dimensional Billboards




Cactus Marketing in Denver designed a 3-D outdoor ad campaign for the Colorado Lottery with several
unique concepts. This is one of the most effective and thorough campaigns in Colorado.



Hospital 3d billboard
 Here’s a 19ft tall 5ft deep eps foam block prop built for Obrien Advertising.  built in sections for easier transport to Arizona.

These 6ft tall hard coated foam thumbtacks were simple but effective. Crispin Porter Bogusky ad agency created this concept for Compass Bank.

A 20 ft wide 3 dimensional wagon for Children’s Hospital. This was sculpted from a Polaroid photo.
downhill biker done
We built this cool 1.5 scale mountain biker for Outfront Media in Denver Colorado.   The bike frame was made mostly of thin gauge steel, recycled from an old swing set.
colorado state patrol Designed to grab driver’s attention and warn them of the dangers of tailgating trucks!  The State Patrol 3d billboards have been some of the strongest designs around.  Eyecandy Sculptures and the creative team at Amelie won a Communications Arts award with these!