Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson in Colorado wanted a giant 3dimensional

20 foot x 20 foot foam replica of there logo.   Eyecandy Sculptures carved this in eps foam,

hard coated ,  painted and installed this in their showroom.


Red Bull used these 6 ft. long Indy car replicas

as displays in Walmart stores to promote an

upcoming race.   The challenge was to make these

durable enough for handling since they were easily

touched by the shoppers.


Another Red Bull display for City Market in Aspen, Colorado.

The tray in his hand and the pyramid inside the giant gondola

rotate on battery powered motors.


Coors brewery needed an archway for the entrance

of special events. The bases are stainless steel and

the Coors Light logo is made of foam and masonite.


Sports Authority needed 11ft tall 3d golf tees

for this retail display. They wrap around the

steel I-beams that hold up the structure.


Palmer snowboards had Eyecandy Sculptures create 2 of

these 20 foot tall snowboard w/ light board sign.  This giant

prop was the 1st thing you saw when entering the store.


Specialized had us sculpt a huge foam water bottle

that could either  freestand or suspend from the

ceiling.  It’s light weight but durable.


Park Meadows Mall in Centennial, Colorado used this

reindeer in a chair for photos.  It’s part of  their

Christmas display.