Spraying plastic hard coat onto foam props

lady bug coated

EPS foam is a great material.  Light weight, not too expensive & relatively safe to work with.  Its only flaw is it’s fragility.  We spray a strong 2 part plastic coating on our props.  Then we finish the look with automotive paints.  Using materials that are industry proven means our sculptures last indoors and outside in the elements.  The prop I’m coating in the photo was designed for children to climb on.

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Huge sculpted foam guitar



This 20 ft long 3d guitar was built to suspend from the ceiling in a bar.  The strings are steel cables tightened

with turnbuckles.  Lots of details!  It weighs less than 200 lbs.  EPS foam is the best material for large scale

props, 3d signs & sculptures.   Id like to thank the client for driving from Kansas to pick up this giant guitar!

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another High Times pot prop

joint ac

Aircannons Inc. attended the 2014 Denver Cannibus Cup and needed us to theme out one of their guns.  This 2 ft joint works.  Airbrushed graphics,  realistic painted ash on a durable plastic hard coat on an eps foam sculpture.  This design helped get the customer noticed in a crazy environment.  Eyecandyprops can get any advertiser noticed!

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3d foam props for Colorado museum



These sculpted creature displays were fun to make!  A 6 foot long field ant

and a 4 ft tall Red Breasted Nut Hatch.  That's a bird.

The accomplished exhibit company Condit Exhibits gave us this project.

They were great to work with and supplied us w/ all the measurements, templates and

CAD drawings we needed.  The ant sculpture has a steel skeleton and an epoxy and

urethane coated eps foam body.  The bird is made of eps foam w/ a Futura urethane

hard coated shell.  Tough stuff!   Chris Blarsky at Absolut Extremes painted the bird for us.



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Foam props for Super Mario Brothers 3D Land in Times Square!!!




This project was fun!  Big 3d props for the debut of Super Mario 3d Land in Times Square  New York.

Short time line, limited budget, no problem!  These giant eps foam, polyurethane hard coated props

were scattered throughout EPS Doublet's 3000 square foot interactive display.  Sounds from the game

played while participants ran through the coarse.  One of the two giant Piranah plants actually spit water!

This interactive display was built for EPS Doublet in Colorado.  Thanks guy's!


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3d sculpted foam dinosaur prints for Colorado Government



This sculpted display was made for Plasticare in Englewood, Colorado.  They were hired to build a

realistic 3d wall panel that appeared to be cut from the earth!  They had us construct the entire prop.

It has a foam core with hydrostone casts from actual paleontologists molds of dinosaur prints

here in Colorado.  We then used hydrostone, dyes and milled fiberglass to build the layers and create a

stone like surface.  This 3D display was less exact than most of our work and it was fun to cut loose a little!

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3d billboard for Colorado State Patrol



Here's another 3 dimensional billboard for Amelie Companies Colorado State Patrol TACT

campaign.  Ted mills of Hi-Country Signs installed our props and floating letters after removing

80% of the original board.  He installed the shorter 8 ft. tall panels 1st, then the white lettering

and finally the sculpted foam polyurethane hard coated crash roll.   The top billboard was

run for 1 month.  Then the 3d billboard was the final part of the narrative.  Thanks to the

creativity of Gordy Hirsch and Paul Sugget at Amelie Company & Hi-Country Sign's

expertise, all went smooooooth!    Hopefully this 3d advertising helps make the roads

a little safer.  Here's the local news coverage.  http://www.9news.com/dontmiss/216554/630/3D-billboard-Dont-get-close-to-semis-

and  http://www.thedenveregotist.com/news/local/2011/september/12/colorado-state-patrol-tears-billboard-half-discourage-tailgating-semis



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